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What it really means to be Frugal AND Fabulous

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Fashion NEWs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So my little Fashionista’s here is some interesting news in Fashion!

The next big Macy’s designer is Alberta Ferretti, who is known for her ultra-feminine cocktail dress and her red carpet “HITS”.

Now here is the best part to this news, prices will range between $49 and $119 dollars. This will fit into any frugal fashionista’s budget.

Another Couture Designer to add to your frugal couture closet.

For those who are unsure of who Alberta Ferretti is Google her, she is absolutely FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!

A picture of Alberta Ferretti

For me it’s very important not to lose perspective when you become famous. I work all day. I’m a real woman. I cater for different needs. I’m not tall and I’m a bit, shall we say, rounded. I understand such problems and always design clothes that I myself would like to wear.

—Alberta Ferretti The Guardian

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Fashionista Rules!!!!


This is for all my “Fashionista’s”, rules to live by.

1.  Confidence; the best way to pull off an ensemble is with full confidence.

2.  Stay current in fashion, but without sacrifising your savings for current trends.

3.  NO KNOCK OFFs, NO matter what!!!!!!!

4.  Never leave home without a complete look (i.e. hair, make-up, and outfit), cause  you never know who you might run into.

5.  Accessorize (this can make the plainest outfit come alive).

6.  NO Mom Jeans, please stay current with the jean styles.

7.  Never return items that have been worn, that is so tacky. If you do not want them, bless someone else with them.

8.  Never wear shoes that are too small or too big. Oh, make sure that you do not have a banana split heal (have them fixed or trash them).

9.  Always buy classic pieces that will survive that whirl wind of fashion cycles.

10. Make sure you always look “FABULOUS”

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The “Jeans Theory”

       What size is your butt?

              Butt!  Booty!!  Bootay!!!

                   Do you have a Butt, Booty, or Bootay?

Do you have a hard time finding jeans that fit?  Do you get tired of trying on jean after jean after jean and still can’t find a pair that you love?  Are you still wearing the same jeans since 2008 (faded and out dated)?  While we all have that favorite pair of jeans, which we wear all the time (the ones everybody is tired of seeing you in), well it’s time to put them to the side and get a new pair. 

RULE: Just because you’re a mom, doesn’t mean that you have to were mom jeans

Here are a few tips on how to pick the perfect pair of jeans:

1.  Baggy jeans are a big no, no!  They can make you look bigger than you are and your actual shape will be disguised.

2.  Jeans that are tapered can embellish the difference between the thigh and the lower leg, making the thigh look larger (we don’t want that); and high-waist jeans accentuate the difference between the waist and hips, creating the illusion of broader hips and a wider butt.

3.  If you have a slight pooch in the mid section you might not want to wear low rise jeans, they can have a tendency to make your pooch stand out even more. Mid-waist jeans work best for all shapes, it holds in that pooch giving a more flattering look.

4.  If you have a flat butt, stretch jeans aren’t your friend; they can make your butt look even flatter. These types of jeans work best on women with curves.  Non-stretch jeans (100% cotton) work best for the flatter bottom.

5.  If you want to look like you have long legs, wear longer jeans, even in flats you want them to be at least ¼ inch off the floor in the back.

6.  Now while super low-rise jeans are cute and sexy, they are not for everyone. Please choose these jeans based on size and shape (age too).  There is nothing more disturbing than having plumber’s butt. We all know that “crack is wack”.     

7.  The key to making your butt seem smaller (for those that do) make sure you choose a pair with the pockets centered and larger. I think that back pockets on jeans look better, but if you choose a pair without, just remember to make sure they have a yoke, it will create nice curves.

8.  Jeans that looks fabulous on everyone is the flare-leg or boot cut jeans, with a mid-rise. These jeans are flattering and lengthening.

9.  How many pairs of jeans do we actually need, well that’s up to you?  However, I think you should have multiple pairs of weekend jeans, casual Friday jeans (work jeans), and evening jeans.  You need jeans to dress up, dress down, to shop in, to play in, and to look good in.

10.  Here are some resources to help you find that special pair of jeans: - has a great curvy line. Plus, the classic levi’s jeans we all love. 

The Limited - the limited has all you need in curvy and slim; mid, high, and                               low waist jeans. You will love how you look in these jeans.

Express - has a variety of slim and curvy inspired jeans.

The Gap - all the classic look of Gap with the perfect fit.

Old Navy - affordable and a great fit.

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Yes, yes, and YES The Versace for H&M event in NYC last night was lavish and celeb packed. Emma Roberts, Jessica Alba, Coco Rocha, Blake Lively, and so many more were there to check out the runway show and jam out to the highly anticipated performances by Nicki Minaj and Prince. The runway brought us a few looks that we’ve already seen and an array of new pieces packed with fur, bright colors, and those infamous luxurious Versace patterns. Who’s going to be shopping this November 17th?!

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